6 Tips for Web Design Professionals

Web designers need to be artistic and creative, but that alone won’t guarantee success. Having a good grasp of marketing techniques is just as important for a web design professional as it is for small business owners. To make it simpler for marketers and designers alike, below is a list of marketing help tips.

Keep Things Versatile

The designer’s first priority is to display his or her best work, but the portfolio should demonstrate a selection of genres and styles. If the portfolio is limited to work done for musicians, for example, a company may brand itself as a niche firm. This may work in some cases, but startup firms should keep their options open.

Use Social Media

This move may seem obvious, but designers see social media as a challenge because it isn’t promoting anything tangible. Therefore, the big challenge is to find creative ways to market a client on social media. When companies partner with Vizzify Marketing, the team will tackle these challenges in innovative ways. Call today for more details or to schedule a consultation.

Get Customer Testimonials

Collect customer reviews and endorsements and display them on a single page of the website, along with pictures and links to work done for those clients. These steps will generate familiarity and trust, which goes a long way in building a firm’s client list.

Consider Guest Blogging

The knowledge and experience that goes into web designs make the designer an authority in a popular field. If a designer can write original blog content and market it to major blogs in exchange for a link to an online portfolio, it marks the designer as a professional and it can help them improve the firm’s search engine rankings.

Don’t Forget About Offline Activity

Try to participate in offline activities such as workshops, conferences, speaking opportunities, networking meetings and other events that can put the firm in front of potential customers. Bring plenty of business cards for easy, quick offline promotions. While online marketing is important, it’s equally vital to promote the company to offline customers as well.

Keep Things Personal

If a designer wants to increase the chances of getting good recommendations, they should give clients the feeling that they’re valued even after the work is over. By showing devotion, designers are more likely to get repeat business and new customers. For more information or to request a quote, visit the firm online or call today.


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